About Me

Dakota Lawrence is a gifted Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Paranormal Investigator from Shreveport Louisiana. Although he believes in the paranormal, he keeps a skeptic stance on it as well. Dakota has a history of incredibly gifted psychics in his family and at the very early age of 12, he knew that he was gifted himself and he even began doing readings for others. He embraces his Native American family heritage and with every reading, he respectfully approaches his native ancestors and asks for assistance and guidance. When Dakota was 15 years old, he had a life changing moment in that he realized that not everyone had the gift that he and his family has. Even though he had been doing readings since age 12, he decided that at age 15 to begin doing his readings professionally and he consistently receives praises from his clients. He attributes his gifts and talents to God and serves his clients with the utmost respect. Dakota has been guiding people on matters from life questions, to lost loved ones and missing person cases.

His up-beat personality and Southern Style has made him one of the most recognized readers within the Paranormal and Metaphysical community. Dakota’s style, unlike most psychics, is straight forward and honest as he explains everything to you in ways you can understand. He believes that honesty is the best policy and a little bit of edginess never hurt either. Each reading with Dakota is a truly unique experience. His readings are what he calls a “soul level” reading which helps the client understand what is going on in their life and what is going on around them, which in turn, will help them improve their own lives and personal enlightenment.